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About Us

CEO greeting

Dear customers and employees
who are willing to visit HotPlus
As partner as family! i’d like to express my sincere thanks to you all!

Based on the corporate culture of humanism respecting for every human being’s life and dignity,
HotPlus has put every once of its energy info development of Quality Hot Runner System, a true fruit of our efforts.

We have given all of our heart and strength to leap toward the world-leading technology and quality, aiming
at the customer diversification and global market. Now we can announce with pride that HotPlus Quality Hot Runner
is a full-fledged proven quality system in world class.

In the era of economic upheaval with more challenging demands from the world market,
we get into a desperately dangerous situation ever to complete with world giants and leaders and to target
them at the same time. To reach our goal of customer satisfaction and corporate viability
in the next decade, we make good play today toward the world challenging markets.

I hope that we can come closer to each other and have an honest talk.
Your lifetime partner is my sincere commitment to you!

Your Warm Partner, HotPlus
Welcome to New World of Quality Hot Runner System

Jae Woo, Hwang Chief Executive Officer