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That day was not an exception. I struggled with a mold with sweat running down in beads.
"Does Hotrunner have a problem or is a mold itself a headache?" one of my everyday conversations with
my colleagues in the workshop.

As general manager in the customer service department those days,
I was called from one of my clients saying that he had just slept away while struggling
to come up with a quality sample, which was scheduled to ship that day.
He added, "I will trust you with this troublesome prototype.
Please, get me out of this nightmare."

One day I started to ask myself this very question.
I had to do something, had to come up with something that could solve this persistent, long-suffering problem.
Hot Runner as a troubleshooter of customer complaints from the customer's point of view
Hot Runner as an easy-to-apply and durable quality product
Hot Runner in my mind was supposed to make a gooe answer to every possible question.

30 years have passed since I made my mind to develop a quality product.
And now is the time we can release with pride an integrated solution of plastic molding.
PET PREFORM molding and finally Hot Runner.
An organic integration of quality products, Hot Runner was created from the very goal.
With all due respect, this is just a beginning.
The first step of my long journey was customer.
And I will never forget that the terminal station is also customer.

Jae Woo, Hwang Chief Executive Officer