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Temperature Controller

  • ·TC - 880

    Controlling temperature more accurate heat with adopting new PID algorithm Protecting overvoltage and false connection
    Displaying parameters
    (T/C setting, degree F/C indication, operation status, Solf, etc)
    Detecting errors (alarm, voltage, heater short, triac short)
    Correcting Temperature (difference and slope compensation)
    Algorithm to prevent triac breakage
    (improve cooling efficiency of heat sink, adopt high power triac)
    Protection function against wiring error, heater short, overvoltage, overcurrent TC-880 is cartridge type
    When a unit causes problem, just replace the unit cartridge which does not affect whole system operation

  • ·TC - 3200

    TC3200 series enables integration management easily because temperature controller and sequence injection timer controller and into all-in-one system
    Intuitive UI and Various display panels
    Managing mold files
    Testing Mold
    Reporting function
    Windows operating system
    Controlling 12~256 zones
    Mounted Sequence injection timer (1~16 gate option)
    Protecting over voltage
    Realizing excellent performance with 32 bit processor

Sequence Injection

Controlling the filling sequence of the mold.
A sequence Injection timer controls to open and close gate of a hot runner system in order to have effect to eliminate and/or change the position of weld lines, adjust injection quantity of each gate, reduce calmping force, minimize flow mark, etc
  • ·TS - 800 / Single Gate Type

    Free voltages of input signal
    Select output voltages
    With supporting A/B/C modes, users can set open & close time
    of gate depending on user's various operating conditions

  • ·TS - 780 / Multi Gate Type

    Easy controlling and indentifying the operation status of 8 gates
    7 segment type display
    Supporting Mode A/B1/B2
    Mode A/B1/B2 fully Supported
    Maual output function
    Compact size & Light weight

  • ·TS - 910 / Multi Gate Type

    Easy monitoring the operation status with supporting various displays
    like text, graphic, digital, etc
    Advanced Touch Screen
    Managing Mold Files
    Protecting overpower input
    Compact size & Simultaneous Setting and Controlling 40 gates.