HotPlus, wants to say Quality of



·Single valve solution based on the
 optimized structural, thermal control

·Easy & quick maintenance by separating
 the resin passage from the pin control

·Smooth surface and enhanced durability
 of the gate by introducing the straight pins

SNV System /
Single Valve Solution

  • Excellent Part Quality

    Beautiful part quality with
    Excellent Straight Pin Operation

  • Durability

    Long durability by the separate structure
    between a nozzle and a cylinder

  • Quick & Easy Maintenance

    Quick Disassembly of Top Cover Easy Maintenance with Front Exchange
    Structure for Heater and T/C

  • Quick Color Change

    Quick Color change VC structure
    on the gate area

  • Cooling Gate Bush

    Cooling Gate bush is supported

SNV Structure

  • 1 Top Cover
    2 Cylinder Guide Bar
    3 Housing
    4 Cylinder Housing
    5 Bottom
    6 Lock Pin
    7 Nozzle Body
    8 Nozzle Coil Heater
    9 Nozzle Thermpcouple
    10 Nozzle Tip Bush
    11 Nozzle Tip
    12 Valve pin
    13 Piston
    14 Piston Bottom
    15 Piston Bottom 'O'ring
    16 Piston 'O'ring+Glyd Ring
    17 Head Body Tube Heater
    18 Head Body
    19 Pin Guide Bush
    20 Pin Guide Bush Tube Heater